Muse Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

Hello lovelies!

Today I decided to do a post on another one of my favourite fashion inspirations: Olivia Palermo

Now, it’s no coincidence that this woman is always gracing the pages of fashion magazines and is consistently placed on best dressed lists everywhere – the girl has got serious style (not to mention killer hair – she was the pic I showed to my hairdresser when i got a chop recently – “Make me look like her!”)

She has her own style blog/website, an Olivia Palermo By Aquazzura collection as well as one for Westward Leaning (yes, you need to check them out, do it!), amongst many other things!

Here are some of my favourite OP moments!


Image: A Place To Get Lost


A Cameo Kind Of Day

Hello Lovelies,

Today I’ve decided to shoot one of my favourite Australian brands – Cameo the label.

They always have such beautiful collections – I have so many of their pieces in my wardrobe now! I got this top the other day (squealed with excitement when the delivery man approached!!), and styled it with my boyfriend jeans.

I felt like dressing it up a little (because..why not?!), so I wore it with heels!

I also think this top would look great with a pencil skirt for a night out, or with tailored black pants for a stylish work outfit.

Let me know what you think!

cameo 1


Trend: White on White

white-street-style-5Fresh, clean and chic are the words that come to my mind for this (seemingly never-ending – yay!!) trend.

I’m a big fan as it’s all about keeping things sleek and simple, not to mention that there are no rules when it comes to this look. It looks just as good worn feminine and pretty in skirts and lace, as it does in man style slouches and loose-fitted pieces.

I like that you can be loose in your interpretation of white as well – don’t be afraid of popping an off-white or cream number in there!

Here are some of my favourites of late!


The most dreamy of all the dreamy skirts

white 2This look always looks great with a mix of textures (Ralph Lauren knows his stuff!)

white 3A perfectly balanced mix of slouchy and polished

white 4A white trench coat is definitely next on my list of things to buy!

white 5Love the relaxed style of this outfit

image 6

I really could go on forever and ever with this – so what are some of your faves?

xx K

Beauty Inspiration: The Kylie Jenner Pout

kylie jennerIf you haven’t seen the photos of Miss Jenner’s voluptuous pout all over Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest – basically any online and/or social media network – then I’m not sure what you’ve been doing..!

Is it surgery? Is it not? Is it the ingenious use of make-up and optical Instagram-filter illusions?

My question when people mention this is not “How does she get them looking like that?” but “What colour is she using on her lips!?”

It’s hands-down gorgeous!!!!!! Not to mention the colour suits almost any look.

I have fallen quite in love with the neutral, chestnut, almost brown-y coloured hue that always graces her lips.

With some research (and some heavy Instagram stalking), I’ve discovered a lip liner that will achieve the same look, thanks to M.A.C – Whirl Lip Liner. (I’ve also been told a dupe for this – and a cheaper alternative –  is this NYX Mauve liner.)


I bought myself one yesterday (for $30), and am extremely happy with it – not only is it a gorgeous colour, but it is also long lasting. And the colour is dark enough that you can draw a little outside the lines (without it being completely noticeable) to achieve a fuller pout a la Kylie.

Let me know if you guys have found anything similar!

xx K

Muse Inspiration: Miroslava Duma

fotos_de_street_style_en_milan_fashion_week_501975562_1200xTo start off my blog – I’m going to begin with one of my ultimate fashion inspirations. The one who started it all – and the one who continues to dominate my Pinterest boards.

One of my favourite people to watch in terms of fashion choices (and decidedly bold ones at that!), is Miss Miroslava Duma.

A former Editor of Harper’s Bazaar, and current freelancer for numerous fashion publications, Duma is the founder of lifestyle, fashion, culture and news digital magazine, Buro 24/7 (which will soon get its’ own launch in Australia!) – and she is only 31!

Her go to labels range from well knowns like YSL, Prada and Chanel to up and comers like Mariam Seddiq and Vika Gazinskaya- which make her the one to watch at any and every fashion week.

Her eclectic taste, infallible pattern mixing and matching, and penchant for interesting accessories have made her one of the fashion worlds most watched individuals.

mira 1

Mastering man style elegance

mira 3

Proving that all white is always timeless

mira 2

Polished meets edgy – with the perfect addition of a black fedora

mira 4

Mastering Marsala leather overalls – at the perfect cropped length

mira 5

Rocking gorgeous Louis Vuitton co-ords

These are handful of my favourite Mira outfits – what are some of yours?!

xx K